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Organic Cotton & Vegan Leather Production

For the lining of the backpack and bag models, they purposefully select organic cotton. This is because natural fiber is a recyclable and renewable raw material. Cotton is also used as the exterior material in their canvas variants. In addition, a thin layer of wax is applied to the canvas to make it water-resistant.

In this case, they purposefully take things a step further. As per their decision, nylon and PVC will not be used in the collection. Cotton straps are used instead of nylon ones, and metal fasteners are used instead of PVC ones and strap adjusters.

There are two types of leather they employ in production. Buffalo leather that has been vegetable-tanned is used in their city cowgirl, boy, and rough purist collections. They utilize premium quality vegetable-tanned cowhide that has been cleansed in oil for the tales hunter's pack.