Pure Henna Powder


Neutral henna is a natural nugget to take care of the hair: it does not color, sheaths, embellishes, strengthens fine hair and brings shine and volume to all types of hair.

Its fungicidal properties fight against scalp problems (excess sebum, dandruff, itching, lice).

Properties on the hair:

● Fortifying, it strengthens the hair fiber
● Densifying and sheathing, it brings hold, volume and shine to the hair
● Soothing, it cleanses the scalp and limits the secretion of sebum
● Colorless, unlike its cousins used in plant colorings, it has no effect on hair color

Directions for use, it's very simple:
1 - Select a powder or a synergy according to the desired benefits
1 - Apply to your damp, clean hair
2 - Leave on for a few minutes, under a care cap is better! This prevents the mixture from drying out.
3 - Rinse then admire ✨

🌿 Certified 100% organic by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard
♻️ Recycled cardboard pot, recyclable and compostable or reusable according to your imagination
🤝 This jar was lovingly packaged in an ESAT (Establishment or Service for Work Assistance) in the drôme.

Precautions for use:
● Storage: at room temperature, away from air, humidity and light
● Avoid contact of the powder with the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water in case of contact
● Perform a test 48 hours before use in the crease of the elbow
● Keep out of reach of children


6.5cm (d) X 13cm (h)

Net weight




INCI list

Cassia auriculata leaf powder *
* From Organic Farming
100% organic certified by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard

Cosmetic DMD


Pure Henna Powder