Advocating for more natural ingredients and less waste.

For The Responsible Shopper

We source every single one of our products from brands that care about people, animals and the planet.


Fair Trade Centered & Social Good

Finding the right balance between reasonable pricing and environmental methods was one of our most challenging problems. Sam, one of our partners, advised working with a tiny, family-run plant in the Chinese province of Guangdong when we started researching production methods.
The production staff upholds moral conditions by providing living pay, reasonable working hours, holidays, and wholesome meals. Additionally, they consider the gender disparity, employ corrective discrimination, and purposefully give women access to executive positions.

Giving back is an element of establishing virtuous circles, which is what sustainability means to Notabag. We started by giving Pristine Earth Collective a temporary tax break, but now we're going a step further. They joined the 1% for the Planet network in April 2021, donating 1% of their sales to significant environmental NGOs.