Advocating for more natural ingredients and less waste.

For The Responsible Shopper

We source every single one of our products from brands that care about people, animals and the planet.


Natural Ingridients & Cluerty-Free Production

Phase Zero Makeup values openness. Thus they always disclose what they include and exclude from our products and the rationale behind their decisions (or not). Their products must perform well and look nice (and feel good! ), so they regularly analyze their formulas and components in light of the most recent research findings and ingredient technology.

Most importantly, they value quality over quantity. At Phase Zero Makeup, we only utilize natural ingredients that won't irritate your skin, clog your pores, or reduce the effectiveness of our products. In addition, phase Zero will take out anything deemed dangerous or dubious safety information.

Since March 2019, all of their recipes have been vegan-friendly and free of any components originating from animals. In addition, they have never conducted animal testing.