Duo Brow Brush


Brush up your brow game

With its two sides, our Duo Brow Brush is a true all-rounder and a must-have for every brow lover. The angled brow brush is tailor-made by hand and allows the effortless and precise application of powdery and creamy brow products. The extremely fine and particularly soft high-tech synthetic fibers don't swallow any product but absorb just the right amount of product and give it off precisely and evenly, meaning you can go a long way with a small amount of product. The spoolie brush on the other end provides a natural finish and is ideal for blending, shaping, and defining brows. Thanks to its handy length, it fits in any makeup bag - perfect for on the go. Handcrafted in Germany and featuring a high-quality wooden handle and premium ferrule, our double-sided eyebrow brush ensures a professional, natural finish and perfectly defined brows.

All BROWLY brushes are 100% vegan. 

How to use our Duo Brow Brush:

 Step 1: Use the spoolie brush to comb through your brows and brush them into shape.

Step 2: Flip the brush and pick up some creamy or powdery brow product using the angled brush. Define, fill in or shape your eyebrows as desired.

Step 3: Comb through your brows again with the spoolie side to blend the applied product and make the look more natural. Our tip: To get a better angle when brushing, you can slightly bend the spoolie brush.  

Care instructions 

Clean the brush by hand using lukewarm water and a little make-up brush cleanser, shower gel, or shampoo. Avoid water flowing into the ferrule as this can loosen it. Let the brush dry lying down horizontally.


Duo Brow Brush