Dakota - 100% Linen Trousers


Made from 100% Luxe Linen, Dakota pants incorporate a relaxed and comfortable silhouette suitable for all body types. Tapered-leg linen trousers are a timeless classic, they're cinched higher on the waist and can be cuffed up to whatever length that works for you. For cocktail hours or more casual settings, style your Dakota linen pants with a simple linen tank, a sleek crossbody bag, and luxe leather flats.

For occasions, a gorgeous blouse, heels, and statement jewels help the ensemble feel refined. What’s more, you can easily transition this look into fall. 

Keep in mind, that the garment naturally softens and relaxes as you wear it throughout the day.

You can rest easy knowing that all Menique products are cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and made from 100% organic materials.

✔️ High-rise waist with a thick elastic waistband.
✔️ Features 2 deep side pockets, relaxed fit.
✔️ Tapered legs that can be cuffed up.
✔️ Washed midweight 200gsm Linen fabric.
✔️ True to size.


100% Linen

Dakota - 100% Linen Trousers


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