Olivia Quilted Waist Bag


Quilted waist bag in organic cotton wadding

The best-seller, the Olivia banana, is now also available in a quilted version! Each color is lined with a unique matching block print pattern. 

Thick, solid, and made of organic cotton, Olivia carries your daily essentials without losing shape. Thanks to its adjustable handle, you can wear it both over a thick coat in winter and over a light T-shirt in summer. Its inner lining is decorated with elegant handcrafted patterns made by the ladies at the NGO SSMI

Dimensions: H 5.9 In  x W 12.5 In  x D 3.5 In

Olivia Quilted Waist Bag


Made Of

100% Organic GOTS Label

The label guarantees at least 70% organic fibers free of pesticides and GMOs, with the formal prohibition of child labor and lower water and energy consumption.
The entire production process is eco-friendly and ethical, from the cultivation of the raw fiber to the dyeing of the fabric.

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