Organic Guimauve ( Marshmallow Plant) Powder


Very rich in mucilage, marshmallow plant is a real natural conditioner which sheaths and beautifies all types of hair. Its soothing and softening properties also make it a natural ally in homemade facials.

Properties on the hair:

● Detangling, it facilitates styling for tangle-free hair
● Softening, it sheaths and protects the hair thanks to its richness in mucilages
● Nourishing and moisturizing, to meet the needs of your hair and provide it with volume and shine
● Soothing, perfect for sensitive, itchy scalps

Properties on the skin:

● Soothing, calms delicate skin
● Softening, emollient, thanks to its richness in mucilages which form an aqueous gel which protects and hydrates the upper layer of the epidermis
● Regenerating, promotes the revitalization of sensitized skin

Directions for use, it's very simple:
1 - Select a powder or a synergy according to the desired benefits
1 - Apply to your damp, clean hair
2 - Leave on for a few minutes, under a care cap is better! This prevents the mixture from drying out.
3 - Rinse then admire ✨

🌿 Certified 100% organic by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard
♻️ Recycled cardboard pot, recyclable and compostable or reusable according to your imagination
🤝 This jar was lovingly packaged in an ESAT (Establishment or Service for Work Assistance) in the drôme.

Precautions for use
● Storage: at room temperature, away from air, humidity and light
● Avoid contact of the powder with the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water in case of contact
● Perform a test 48 hours before use in the crease of the elbow
● Keep out of reach of children


6.5cm (d) X 13cm (h)

Net weight




INCI list

Althaea officinalis leaves powder
100% organic certified by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard

Cosmetic DMD


Organic Guimauve ( Marshmallow Plant) Powder