Paul Vertical Tote Bag


Vertical tote bag with shoulder strap 

Paul is a tote bag-style tote bag, high in height and with 2 large handles, but designed to last thanks to its thick cotton canvas. Solid and comfortable, it can be worn on the shoulder as well as on the shoulder. Ideal for students and active people alike, it can safely carry notebooks, textbooks, files, and a computer in its AVA case (13 inches) thanks to its zip closure. Internal patch pocket. 

Designed in France and manufactured by an Indian NGO, SSMI, which works for the emancipation of women in India.

Dimensions: H 15 Inch x W 11.8  with a 4 - Inch Bottom

Paul Vertical Tote Bag


Made Of

100% Organic GOTS Label

The label guarantees at least 70% organic fibers free of pesticides and GMOs, with the formal prohibition of child labor and lower water and energy consumption.
The entire production process is eco-friendly and ethical, from the cultivation of the raw fiber to the dyeing of the fabric.

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