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Pear Moonstone Ring | Vintage Style Moonstone Engagement Ring With Pearls

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Unique floral vintage style moonstone ring with side pearls.

The Pear Moonstone Engagement Ring embodies vintage charm with delicate floral accents and pearls, featuring a captivating moonstone centerpiece. This enchanting piece combines timeless elegance and romantic allure, perfect for those seeking a unique and ethereal symbol of love.


  • Gemstone: approx 5ct high-quality moonstone
  • Quality: untreated, conflict-free
  • Setting measures approx 15x20mm at the front
  • Material: White/Rose/Yellow gold
  • Sizes available: 3-8 (Larger and smaller sizes are also available. Priced upon request.)
  • This ring cannot be replicated completely due to the completely handmade process. It will look as similar as possible in the chosen metal.

Procedure information:
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