Pure Stinging Nettle Powder


Stinging Nettle Powder has many benefits. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it strengthens the hair fiber, regulates sebum production, fights dandruff and promotes growth. A perfect powder to take care of your hair.

Properties on the hair:

● Fortifying, it is rich in vitamins and minerals and restores strength and vitality to the hair
● Stimulating, it fights against hair loss and promotes growth
● Purifying and sanitizing, it regulates excess sebum in the scalp and prevents the appearance of dandruff

Properties on the skin:

● Toning and regenerating, it firms the skin
● Remineralizing, its richness in mineral salts and trace elements (sulfur, zinc, copper, etc.) soothes itchy skin

Directions for use, it's very simple:
1 - Select a powder or a synergy according to the desired benefits
1 - Apply to the scalp
2 - Leave on for a few minutes, under a care cap is better! This prevents the mixture from drying out.
3 - Rinse then admire ✨

🌿 Certified 100% organic by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard
♻️ Recycled cardboard pot, recyclable and compostable or reusable according to your imagination
🤝 This jar was lovingly packaged in an ESAT (Establishment or Service for Work Assistance) in the drôme.


6.5cm (d) X 13cm (h)

Net weight


INCI list

Urtica dioica leaf powder *
* From Organic Farming
100% organic certified by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard

Cosmetic DMD


Pure Stinging Nettle Powder