Capucinne Blue - Sterling Silver

Adeline Moonstone Cluster Necklace

$232.50 $310.00
Sterling Silver
Recycled Metals


Delicate, yet making a statement - our Adeline Moonstone cluster necklace with different and alternative gemstone cuts features marquise, round, and pear-shaped moonstone, the stone for new beginnings. Wearing a moonstone necklace not only makes you look good, but it also makes you feel good too. It is known that the Moonstone has healing properties when it comes to anxiety and emotional balance, and more than that it also enhances intuition and brings success and good fortune both in love and business life. Are you ready to make this the purchase of the year?


  • Gemstone: Moonstone
  • Stone Shape: Marquise, round, pear
  • Measurements: 10x5mm (marquise), 6x3mm (marquise), 4mm (round), 3mm (round), 5x3mm (pear)

Pictured in vermeil, available also in sterling silver or rose gold vermeil. 

Gold vermeil is not the same as gold plated, it is basically a thicker layer of real gold layered over sterling silver, which serves as the base material. Gold vermeil gives our pieces a long-lasting color as long as the gold used for layering is a minimum of 10k and 1.5 microns. Our pieces are made of 18k vermeil on the basis of sterling silver but can also be made in and are also available in solid gold by request.

The necklace length on the model is 17 inches. The Adeline necklace is available in other gemstones as well.

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