Hand-Knit Alpaca Gloves

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These are the warmest hand-knit gloves you’ll slip your hands into that are more durable than wool (and bonus - not itchy either!). Suitable for all, this is made of pure Peruvian alpaca - one of the highest-performing technical fibers.

For this line of Alpaca apparel, we take you directly to the source: the rural mountainsides of Peru. These hand-woven Alpaca gloves are designed to keep you toasty through the coldest of Canadian winters, and your digits warm when there is no snow on the ground.

Fashioned from one of the world’s softest and most sustainable fibers, this artisan-made set is suitable for wet weather outings. Alpaca has the ability to resist water and, even when damp, provide warmth. The hollow fibers of the alpaca fiber trap air in their core which provides enduring insulation.

Ideal for hikes, skis, campfires, walks, errands, and more. Designed in neutral tones, meant to style effortlessly with your outerwear. Put them on, and go get ready to get hands-on!

  • Materials: 100% Peruvian alpaca
  • Measurements: One size fits most
  • Unisex: Suitable for all
  • Origin: Peru
  • Benefits: Hypoallergenic and breathable

About the Artisans
Woven In Peru By The Alpaca Makers of Peru

A collective since 2003, this group has worked with over 100 ethical & ecological Peruvian Producers who are fairly compensated for their technical abilities. Their mission is to allow artisans to be recognized for their talents and abilities, for economic development as well as to offer high-end apparel and accessories.

Care For Alpaca Wool

  • Hand wash cold and hang to dry.

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