Rattan Wall Plate

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Drawing in the earth elements, this piece of art is handmade by talented artisans on a remote Island in Indonesia. A stunning home accessory for your casual or sophisticated tablescapes or hung as an alluring element on the wall.

This is a stunning piece made from pliable, smooth, reed-like rattan. They offer an elegant aesthetic with functional & versatile beauty, have fun with this stylish and durable decor by placing candles, dried flowers, or strings of wooden beads over the plate on a table display.

This piece was curated by artist and Poko BC sales manager, Judith Brock, and the Poko Team. You can create texture or layers in your home by pairing it with another wall hanging. A meaningful gift for new homeowners or milestone celebrations.

The rattan is handwoven by talented Balinese artisans in their small-scale workshops. Rattan is a durable & sustainable material that is commonly used by the artisans. ​​The economic value of rattan can help protect forest land where it grows by providing an alternative to logging.

  • Materials: 100% rattan plate with recycled plastic woven design
  • Measurements: 15.7" / 40 cm diameter
  • Origin: Indonesia
About the Artisans
Handmade In Indonesia By Artisans of Bali
Artisans of Bali
Since 2015, this collective of artisans has been procuring natural materials directly from local sources to craft their products, fostering a sustainable and circular economy that benefits both the artisans and the environment. Through their efforts, they contribute socio-economic value to small-scale artisans, granting them access to the global market for which Bali is renowned. Working with them is not only a testament to their exceptional talent but also a delightful experience due to their kind and humble nature.


Caring For Hard Goods

  • To clean, wipe with a soft cloth gently dampened.

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