Rectangle Bali Bag

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Meet the new star of our best-selling rattan bag collection, a timeless accessory. You decide on where you’ll go with it, it’ll be ready for any outfit and adventure.

The process of making this bag begins with the artisan specially selecting the leaves and branches, and then properly conditioning them. Skilled artisans will then hand-weave the fibres into the Bali bag shape. The product is then dried, giving a long-lasting distinctive colour and luster. This technique creates a well-made stylish bag that will last for years to come.

With its crossbody or over the shoulder strap structure, this tote is perfect for the modern and natural adventure seeker.

This woven beauty has lots of room to fit a wallet, keys, phone, and more with a sturdy snap-buckled closure. Wear it when dressed up, for a casual stroll, at a concert or for whatever easy, beachy Bali vibe you desire!

  • Materials: 
    • Caramel is 100% rattan, while White is 50% rattan and 50% recycled plastic.
    • Both bags are made with a faux-leather buckle & strap.
  • Measurements: 
    • 8.5" W x 5" H  ( 21.5 cm H x 12.7 cm W) 
    • (22" / 55 cm) strap length
  • Includes: Unique repurposed fabric lining - every bag is an original
  • Origin: Indonesia

Caring For Hard Goods
To clean, wipe with a soft cloth gently dampened.

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