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Upgrade your accessory game with The Naples stretch bracelet, a stunning piece crafted with 8mm onyx beads and adorned with a touch of edgy elegance through pewter skulls. This bracelet effortlessly combines style and comfort, making it the perfect addition to your everyday look. Made for those who appreciate unique and handcrafted jewelry, The Naples stretch bracelet adds a bold and distinctive flair to your wrist.


  • Details:
    • Pewter skulls
    • Stretch bracelet
    • Onyx beads

  • Size: 8mm


  • What we stand for:

    Known for its bold, edgy, and versatile statement pieces. Eklexic jewelry is designed for both minimalist everyday wear and impactful stacked styles. Elevate your style with Handcrafted, sustainable, and hypoallergenic jewelry of top-notch quality.

  • How to care for your jewelry?

    To keep it looking its best, it is recommended to store it in a jewelry pouch when not being worn. To clean demi-fine jewelry, rub it gently with a polishing cloth in one direction. Avoid using products like tissue or paper towels on your jewelry, as they can cause scratching. It is also recommended to avoid exposing demi-fine jewelry to harsh chemicals or wearing it in the shower or while swimming. To clean precious and semi-precious stones, a solution of warm water and dish detergent can be used. For a slightly deeper clean, mix two tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of baking soda together. Once a paste consistency is achieved, apply it onto a toothbrush or cloth and scrub gently onto the jewelry. Rinse and pat to dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using jewelry dips or polishes as they may contain harsh abrasives. With proper care and maintenance, demi-fine jewelry can last for many years.

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