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Natural Loofah | Organic Exfoliating Sponge


Jungle Culture’s 100% natural loofahs are the perfect organic scrubbing device for soaking in the shower, bath, or cleaning around the house!

Natural loofahs are often thought to be sea creatures, but this common misconception is entirely untrue. Loofahs are actually part of the cucumber family! The loofah fruit grows on vines and when ripened, it’s removed and dried, where it transforms into an effective natural cleaning utensil!

Our organic loofahs can be used as a sponge in the shower or bath, or they can be used as a household cleaning tool to scrub your floor tiles, hardwood furniture, and much more! You can even chop our loofahs up into smaller pieces and use them to clean pots and pans! They really are the most versatile natural cleaning tool available!

Set Contains:

1 x Natural loofah

  1. Excellent Exfoliator: Natural loofahs have a coarse and granular surface, making them incredible exfoliators. Gently rub your loofah over your skin during the shower to remove dead skin cells and replenish your skin’s natural glow!
  2. Household cleaning tool: Our natural loofahs can also be used as an alternative surface scrubber. Our loofah’s absorbent, the sponge-like texture is great at soaking up liquids, whilst the granular surface is perfect for scouring tough stains.
  3. Plastic-free pots and pan scrubber: Natural loofahs are incredibly versatile! Simply chop up one of our organic loofahs and use it to scrub pots and pans or even root vegetables!
  4. Zero waste loofah: Our loofahs are 100% organic and natural. They are packaged plastic-free and have zero waste. Natural loofahs are arguably the most eco-friendly cleaning tool there is!
  5. Machine washable: Our organic loofahs can be cleaned easily and simply by tossing them in the washing machine on a cold cycle. Simple!

How to clean a loofah:

Your loofah can be cleaned one of two ways:

1. Mix a bucket of water (90% water, 10% bleach) and soak your loofah for 5-10 minutes. Afterward, wring your loofah out and hang it up to dry.

2. Place your loofah in the washing machine on a cold cycle or low heat cycle. Afterward, wring your loofah out and hang it up to dry.

How long should a loofah last?

Our loofahs can last as long as one year if cleaned and dried properly. Natural loofahs are 100% compostable, when you are finished with your loofah, simply chop it up and place it in your compost or green garden bin.

Jungle Culture designs and creates Earth-friendly products in collaboration with small farms, craft workshops, and ethical factories. Our transparent supply chain is focused on lowering waste whilst empowering small manufacturers and poverty-stricken communities around the world.

Natural Loofah | Organic Exfoliating Sponge


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Made Of

Discarded Coconut Shells

Over 80% of coconuts farmed in Bên Tre, Vietnam, are harvested for their milk, oils, and meats, which are processed before being sold to buyers from the beauty industry. The remaining 20% of coconuts are sold in markets around Asia.

Jungle Culture purchases discarded coconut shells and transport them to a local crafts village for carving. Allowing both the farmers and local craftspeople to enjoy an unexpected economic boost!

Every one of your purchases means something to our farmers and artisans!