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Zero Waste Metal Razors


Our reusable eco-safety razors for women or men are precision engineered to provide a smooth and comfortable zero-waste shaving experience. Each men's or women's safety razor has a textured grip and extra long chrome metal handle, perfectly balanced for shaving hard-to-reach areas.

Our DE eco-friendly safety razors are accompanied by a natural white travel bag, made from a blend of soft organic cotton and ethically sourced jute. We house our plastic-free razors in a premium, magnetic gift box, colour-matched to make the perfect sustainable gift. They really are the best safety razors for women and men!

Set Contains:

1 x Coloured metal reusable razor for women or men
1 x Organic white jute travel pouch
1 x Sustainable Gift Box

Please note: This item does not include razor blades. Blades can be bought separately here.

  1. The perfect sustainable gift for him or her. Vegan-friendly, zero-waste metal women's razors or men's razors!
  2. Comfortable, weighted long chrome handle – ideal for beginners
  3. Eco-friendly women's razor or eco-friendly men's razor - Completely unisex & environmentally friendly razors.
  4. Comes with a color-printed gift box and a unique natural jute travel bag
  5. Compatible with any double-edged DE safety razor blade

  • Once you have invested in a men's or women's eco razor you will need some high-quality razor blades to get started. Our sustainable razors are compatible with any double-edged razor blades, which can be purchased at large supermarkets, high street pharmacies, or barbershops. Alternatively, we also retail stainless steel razor blades.

Jungle Culture also produces high-quality zero-waste shaving soap, which improves the shaving experience dramatically!

Safety razors are simple, easy to use, and non-disposable, but we know that change can be a little daunting. 

Unlike single-use plastic razors, safety razor blades are very easy to recycle..

Our zero-waste safety razors for women or men are 100% unisex. Not only are safety razors eco-friendly, but they are also extremely affordable when compared to single-use plastic razors. 

Jungle Culture designs and creates Earth-friendly products in collaboration with small farms, craft workshops, and ethical factories. Our transparent supply chain is focused on lowering waste whilst empowering small manufacturers and poverty-stricken communities around the world. 

Your reusable razor for women or men was built to last using modern manufacturing techniques and produced in a factory that is regulated by AMFORI for workers' rights and treatment.

Zero Waste Metal Razors


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Made Of

Discarded Coconut Shells

Over 80% of coconuts farmed in Bên Tre, Vietnam, are harvested for their milk, oils, and meats, which are processed before being sold to buyers from the beauty industry. The remaining 20% of coconuts are sold in markets around Asia.

Jungle Culture purchases discarded coconut shells and transport them to a local crafts village for carving. Allowing both the farmers and local craftspeople to enjoy an unexpected economic boost!

Every one of your purchases means something to our farmers and artisans!