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Bamboo Serving Bowl


Our medium-sized bamboo serving bowls add flair to any dining experience! Handmade using spun bamboo & painted using a minimal terrazzo design, these large bamboo bowls are perfect for serving rustic, traditional food.

As well as serving, our bowls can also be used as centerpieces or as storage bowls for keys, jewelry, and other small trinkets!

Our bamboo bowls are handcrafted using only basic tools, skilled hands, and a good helping of organic Vietnamese bamboo. Sustainably sourced and ethically made!

All Jungle Culture products are vegan, eco-friendly, handmade from organic materials, and follow a zero-waste objective.

Please note: Our bamboo bowls are not suitable for hot liquid foods such as curries, porridge, or soup. This is because these foods may cause staining.


18cm (7 inches) Diameter x 7cm (2.7 inches) Height

Bamboo Serving Bowl


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Made Of

Discarded Coconut Shells

Over 80% of coconuts farmed in Bên Tre, Vietnam, are harvested for their milk, oils, and meats, which are processed before being sold to buyers from the beauty industry. The remaining 20% of coconuts are sold in markets around Asia.

Jungle Culture purchases discarded coconut shells and transport them to a local crafts village for carving. Allowing both the farmers and local craftspeople to enjoy an unexpected economic boost!

Every one of your purchases means something to our farmers and artisans!