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Beard Comb | Wooden Beard Grooming Kit For Men


Style your beard and get the look that you desire with our 100% natural wooden beard comb! Our evenly spaced fine teeth prongs are suited to all beard types or facial hair styles and can be used in combination with a beard brush to effectively clean and manage your beard.

Beard combs are an essential part of any beard care routine and using a pocket beard comb can help to guide unruly facial hair, pushing it in the right direction and preventing painful ingrown hairs.

As any proud bearded gentleman would know, beards are also playgrounds for food particles and dry skin. Grooming your beard and mustache with a beard comb not only helps to remove these unwanted visitors, but it also helps to detangle your facial hair, creating a smooth, sleek and stylish beard.

Combining beard combing with moisturizers and beard oils also helps to evenly distribute them throughout your facial hair, giving every inch of your beard the attention it deserves!

Set Contains:

1 x Organic wood beard comb
1 x Vegan leather beard comb pouch (Military style travel pouch)

  1. Fine teeth beard pick comb: This wooden beard comb for men is produced with fine teeth, spaced evenly at a medium length to suit any and all facial hair types.
  2. Travel-friendly beard comb: Packaged in a faux vegan leather case, our beard grooming kit is perfect for beard styling on the go! Easy to carry, lightweight, and durable!
  3. Anti-static beard comb: Unlike some hard plastic or metal beard combs, our wooden design makes combing your beard effortless, with absolutely no static.
  4. Zero waste & plastic-free: As with all Jungle Culture products, our beard combs are 100% plastic-free and have zero waste. Made with sustainable, ethically sourced wood and packaged in a reusable faux leather pouch.
  5. The perfect groomsman gift: Gifting can be difficult, but this beard comb makes the perfect gift for bearded men. High-quality, reliable and eco-friendly!

Our sustainable wooden beard combs are durable and easily cleaned. If you start to notice that your beard comb has become greasy or dirty around the prongs, simply wash using soap and warm water and dry thoroughly with a cloth.

Jungle Culture designs and creates Earth-friendly products in collaboration with small farms, craft workshops, and ethical factories. Our transparent supply chain is focused on lowering waste whilst empowering small manufacturers and poverty-stricken communities around the world.

    Beard Comb | Wooden Beard Grooming Kit For Men


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    Made Of

    Discarded Coconut Shells

    Over 80% of coconuts farmed in Bên Tre, Vietnam, are harvested for their milk, oils, and meats, which are processed before being sold to buyers from the beauty industry. The remaining 20% of coconuts are sold in markets around Asia.

    Jungle Culture purchases discarded coconut shells and transport them to a local crafts village for carving. Allowing both the farmers and local craftspeople to enjoy an unexpected economic boost!

    Every one of your purchases means something to our farmers and artisans!